Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A simple plan for a perfect house...

Ahhh... spring. That time when I crawl, blinking out of the cave of hibernation and start looking around my house.
It only takes a few minutes to see what a busy winter of hiding from chores, avoiding repairs, and making excuses has done to it. I mean really, who can wash windows when it's 23 degrees outside?
Not me.
And honestly, how can I be expected to clean under the couch cushions when I'm busy sitting on them?
Thank you, Netflix.
Besides, no one coined the phrase winter cleaning, now did they?
There has to be a reason for that.
So I see that you're with me on this. Spring is the time to look around the house, see what needs to be done, and immediately start Pinteresting all the things you will definitely do just as soon as you come to the end of Pinterest. It has an end.... doesn't it?
I'm sure it does. After all, all good things come to an end, right? And with my latest resolution of  follow through with all good intentions I can't exactly stop in the middle of Pinterest, or I've blown it already.
So, to get back on track, here I am looking around my house from over the top of my laptop, and the solution seems pretty simple to me. In fact, as I sit, I am forming an easy 5 step program for having the organized, beautiful house of my dreams right here around me.

1. Have the children grow up and move out
2. Build a small house in the backyard for my husband to live in
3. Come into a lot of money to make the updates I desire

Oh, I guess there's really only 3 steps. Well, there you have it - a simple 3 step program to having the organized, beautiful house of your dreams. Now all I need to do is design a fee printable with it in trendy colors for you to keep in your household management binder (if you don't have one of those, you can Pin all kinds of them on Pinterest) and of course I'll need to post the link to it... just as soon as I finish my easy 5 step program on following through with good intentions.